What style of Karate do you practice?

The style of karate we practice has its origins in the Wado Ryu system and has been developed and enhanced over the years.

How much does it cost?

There are no fixed membership fees - you are only required to pay on the days you train. Current charges are £4.50 per person (seniors) and £4.00 per person (juniors).

Will I get hurt?

Of course the sport is very physical but injuries are rare because of the controlled way in which it is practiced. All of the instructors are trained in first aid.

Where can I buy kit?

Directly from the club. Our PDF price list can be downloaded here. To order, please call Mark on 0777 1785 966

What do I need to learn for my next belt?

You can now download a PDF version of the BKC Grading Syllabus.

Karate for children kids

The club has a friendly atmosphere and beginners of all ages are always welcome.


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The club was founded in 1968 by Dave Wheatley, and the standards set are of the highest level.

Training is led by a team of dedicated instructors: Alan Flook (8th Dan), Dave Wheatley (8th Dan) and Andy Gunton (7th Dan) who are all nationally recognised and highly respected.